The Morning Breakfast at the Vincent Mock Gallery, Amsterdam

Having worked in notable, Michelin starred restaurants, Amsterdam-based chef, Edwin Sander, is now the founder of Food Creativ and, The Morning Breakfast. Connecting people through food, The Morning Breakfast does just this. These events are built with the aim to bring people together on a variety of platforms: to share food, celebrate the arts, honour the earth, and foster mindfulness. Food Creativ “creates impactful, beautiful, and culinary events tailored to your individual needs.”

I had the pleasure of attending a couple of The Morning Breakfast events before I joined the team (The Tribe!) responsible for helping to create and present these incredible meals. Preparation happens long before the dishes are set before our honoured guests. Edwin designs menus that feature seasonal foods, and complement the inspiration behind each Breakfast. On a snowy winter’s day in December, we gathered at the Vincent Mock Gallery to hang out by the fire, appreciate the work of sculptor, Vincent Mock, and listen to an inspiring talk, “Learning to live and die” by Lisanne Buik. To learn more about the inspiration behind Vincent Mock’s work, I encourage you to check out this interview, here: Vincent Mock interview where he talks about his experiences abroad and how they are the basis for his exceptional and environmental art pieces.

One of the integral parts of every Morning Breakfast is the idea of sharing the meal with others at the table. Individual dishes are served, and guests are then invited to participate in a family-style meal where main dishes are passed around to enjoy. It is my pleasure to be part of this enthusiastic group of people: chefs, artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives who gather together to make The Morning Breakfast a delicious and memorable experience. Check out the calendar of events, and if you’re in Amsterdam when we’re next serving up a unique experience, please join us!

“Learning to live and die” presented by Lisanne Buik
The Morning Breakfast, Edition 15
Poached pears and toasted sunflower seeds, ready to share

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