In a recent collaboration with MediaMonks, Tara Moon Productions, and BeyondFit, I have been given the opportunity to create a series of videos that aim to help you build a meal plan for five days of healthy eating. The videos will give you step by step instructions as well as some helpful kitchen tips. I hope you’ll join me as we shop the perimeter, and fill our basket with the most nutritious foods.

If you’re not so familiar with cooking from scratch, a great way to get started is to stock your pantry with some food basics you can use to layer flavour into your dishes. Here are some common items I find useful in my kitchen pantry. Not every item on this list is absolutely necessary. Pick and choose to your taste and start stocking up on the basics to have things at hand when you start cooking with me.

If you click over to my YouTube Recipes page, you can find details for this week’s recipes. When you open this link, you can see the list of fresh ingredients you will need, starting 27 April.