Kale Chips (so easy!)

Low and slow is the way to go… when making kale chips in your home oven.

This was my first attempt at making kale chips and it couldn’t be easier. A healthy snack, kale chips are loaded with fibre, Vitamins C and K – great as immunity boosters and helpful to keep your blood healthy. Adding nutritional yeast as a flavouring gives you a dose of vitamin B12 which is good for every cell in your body!

The recipe is simple: Take a handful of kale stocks (about 6) and strip the leaves from the stem. Wash the leaves, spin them in a lettuce spinner or roll them in a cotton kitchen towel so as to remove any excess water. Tear apart the leaves and pop them into a large bowl. Toss with a drizzle of olive or coconut oil (2-3 Tbsp), add flaky salt (1 Tbsp) and a good crack of black pepper, and toss with your hands to combine. At this point, you can add in 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast, and give it another toss. Place these, in one layer, on baking sheets lined with baking paper. Bake, low and slow, in your preheated 110C oven for a total of 30 minutes. Be sure to check them halfway through (everyone’s oven is different!) and give them a little toss around. I urge you to not just dump the kale into the middle of the baking sheet and bake them like that. Like any vegetable, this placement will mean they will steam. Separating the leaves, will ensure crispy chips! When the chips have crisped up to your liking, remove the tray(s) from the oven, allow to cool and enjoy. I store mine in a large glass jar, in the fridge.

You can stick with just salt and pepper, or you can venture into chili flakes, smoked paprika, or flavoured salts. A squeeze of fresh lemon, lime, or orange will also brighten a batch. Every tray, can be a whole new taste adventure!

No dehydrator necessary, have fun making your own kale chips, at home. đŸ™‚

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