Smoked Mackerel Sandwich

Mood, Mental function, Metabolism. When I was out and about buying bread yesterday, I happened upon a fishmonger who was selling these glorious smoked mackerel. I’d never bought one. I’d never tasted one. But I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the healthy fats we should be including in our diet and mackerel is the king of oily fish – one of the healthiest fats we can eat. So I picked up this beautiful fish for only 5 Euros, and decided to make it into a mackerel salad to eat with the tasty baguette I’d just purchased.

Each cell in our body needs fat to function. Our brain is 60% fat. For far too long, we’ve been told to reduce caloric intake by reducing the fat in our diet. Nothing could be further from the truth – we need healthy fat. Yes, we should be reducing and eliminating unhealthy fats – those saturated fats and trans fats found mostly in processed foods. But more important, we should be reducing and eliminating our sugar intake. Please, have a read and listen to one of my new favourite functional medicine doctors, Dr. Mark Hyman, in his blog post on healthy fats he shares the reasons why healthy Omega 3s are our best overall health support.

My recipe for Smoked Mackerel Salad, is similar to what you might make with a can of tuna or salmon. I took the meat off the bone, finely diced some red onion, gave the mixture a healthy squeeze of lemon, a dollop of organic mayonnaise, and sprinkled in salt and pepper to taste. Not in the photo is the addition of a heaped tablespoon of Dijon mustard. I mixed this all about and put it on top of some vibrant greens. On the side you can see my bowl of Cashew Cream of Zucchini Soup with Lemongrass, and Kefir Lime which was a nice accompaniment to the sandwich.

So go on… admittedly, mackerel is a stronger tasting fish. Add in your favourite tuna/salmon salad ingredients and make this heart healthy, Omega 3 rich sandwich filling and enjoy every bite, knowing you’re doing your body good!

Eat good food xxx

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