The Well Travelled Kitchen visits Oracle

I had the pleasure of sharing my healthy energy bites, smoothies and juices at Oracle, Amsterdam. This description, published in the Oracle newsletter gives an overview about the event:

Oracle welcomes: The Well Travelled Kitchen

Mid-afternoon, when energy levels start to dip, we often hanker for a little something to nibble on to get us through to dinner. Knowing her own preference for a healthy snack, Satu Nuoramo at Oracle invited her friend, Jennifer Kular, to Oracle on Wednesday the 10th of August, to provide just that. When 4 o’clock rolled around, Jennifer arrived with her cooler, and basket of fresh juices, smoothies, vegan energy bites and cookies. Word got out that there were healthy bites on offer and people from several divisions made their way to the coffee room for a taste of healthy, homemade food.

For the past two years, Jennifer has been behind The Well Travelled Kitchen, a food blog on Facebook. Originally from Toronto, she has been living and travelling overseas for 20 years. Jennifer spent nine years in Budapest, and has lived in Amsterdam for the past 12 years, teaching visual art to high school students at an international school not far from Leiden. Sixteen years ago, Jennifer was Satu’s Art teacher in Budapest and they have remained friends from that school connection. At the end of the day, when the pencils have been sharpened, and the paintbrushes cleaned, Jennifer heads to her home in Amsterdam where she spends time cooking, baking, experimenting, and feeding willing taste-tester friends! When I spoke with Jennifer about her food, she said it’s based on clean eating, using fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients. She cooks to find a sound balance between sweet and savoury with most dishes being vegetarian or vegan, and gluten-free when possible. Art teacher by day, home-chef and food photographer by night, Jennifer’s passion for The Well Travelled Kitchen could be felt at Oracle where healthy snacks were enjoyed by many.


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